Valentine’s Day Prep

There are only five days until the big holiday – Valentine’s Day.


I know there are people who love celebrating Valentine’s Day – with their family, loved ones, kids..

But that’s just not me.

Kevin and I have rarely done anything beyond cards & flowers and even that seems a little routine by now. But I’ve noticed a lot of really great Valentine’s Day traditions/ideas online lately and it had me feeling a little guilty for not showing baby bird that there is more to this holiday than candy and flowers.

So today we did some crafts together and I picked her up an outfit just for her, for her daycare party. We filled out little valentines for her friends and she may or may not have enjoyed one heart-shaped lollipop.

I picked up gifts for her and her cousins (but I can’t post them yet!).
I’m planning to write her a little note on big pink heart to stick in her room too!

Seven Goals for 2017


These are NOT new year’s resolutions.

I repeat –


Whew, glad that’s clear. Here are 7 goals for 2017 that I think we can all agree on:

I | Do not judge…myself. Originally I planned to type a big long paragraph against judging others but I feel like that can be read anywhere. With so much hate in the world, anyone with a conscience is trying to be a little less judgemental. My goal for 2016? Be a little kinder with myself. I plan to gain a whole bunch of weight and then have another baby and settle into an entirely “new normal” for our family. And I’m planning to cut myself a little slack!

II | Save more money. Holy hannah no one warned me that being a grown up would be so tough! Now, with another baby on the way I realize I’m waaaay behind on this one. I’m sure even the most (financially) comfy people could stand to save up a little more and this is definitely my major goal for 2017.

III | Spend a little more time unplugged. I’m pretty glued to my devices a lot of the time. I can’t think of very many minutes in the day when my cell phone or iPad isn’t within reach. Even when I’m doing something fun and enthralling with my toddler, I’m trying to snap photos with my one free hand! Planning some device-free time each day is a must-do for this coming year (and always!).

IV | Be a more thoughtful gift-giver. I see things all the time while I’m out and about and I think of a certain someone they would be perfect gifts for! And I always pass it by, thinking it’s too soon for Christmas or their birthday has already passed.. Then I’m stuck at Christmas time scrambling to find gifts that are just perfect for the special people in my lives, when I could’ve had them tucked away and waiting. So many of my family and friends are very thoughtful gift-givers and it’s a quality I envy.

V | Be a more committed blogger. I love this blog. I love to write and take (amateur) photos, I love to share my perspective and thoughts with the world. I love wondering who’s reading my latest post, and seeing in my stats that someone, somewhere in New Zealand or Europe has looked at my tiny slice of internet real estate. I want to grow this blog, I want to better design it, and I’d someday like to buy my own domain (*cough* procrastination at it’s finest *cough*). This new year seems like the perfect time!

VI | Be a more patient mother. Or a more patient person in general. I feel like I’ve been trying to be more patient my whole entire life. Sometimes, when my daughter gets frustrated we tell her “patience” and wait for her to calm down. And thinking about that made me wonder where exactly she learns her impatience from in the first place. Oh that’s right, me. So I would like to model a little more patience in this upcoming year, for my husband, for my toddler, and for this poor little baby I’m waiting (impatiently) to meet.

VII | Get outside. I love to walk outside, to explore my neighbourhood, to people watch and struggle to wrangle my husky-mix as she chases everything in sight. Hang on, maybe not that last one. But seriously, I need fresh air and a cool breeze and the smell of trees and fresh rain every now and then to keep me from going totally cuckoo.


Pregnancy Bumpdate: Week 7


This week was busy! I worked a long dNNN stretch and then finished all of our Christmas shopping AND wrapping in between! After sleeping 4hrs I went off for the first of many blood draws, and got a date for our first ultrasound! Looking forward to 8 days off & full of getting together with friends and family for a tonne of holiday festivities! This week is also Emmy’s official 2nd birthday and we will be celebrating her with gifts and “Minion” cupcakes! Cheers!

Baby Bird Number Two


We found out on December 2nd, 2016 that we were adding another little baby bird to our nest! I’ve decided to do a much better job of blogging throughout this pregnancy than I did with our first baby. Expect weekly bump-dates and photos along the the way!


I was home with our daughter, who was napping, when I decided I would take this test! It was the middle of the day and my husband wasn’t home but I felt pregnant and needed to know for sure!


Had a little note ready for him when he arrived home from work! It read, “Hi Papa! Can’t wait to meet you in 9 months!”


We couldn’t wait to tell everyone the exciting news but we decided to surprise everyone at our daughter’s 2nd birthday party on December 10th! We wrapped up this “You’re a Big Sister” book and everyone one found out I was pregnant when we opened it up!

There will be a video coming soon….

Swapping the Crib for a Toddler Bed

Swapping the Crib for a Toddler Bed

One day I looked down at my baby as she fought me on going to bed in her crib and I thought to myself, “maybe she isn’t really a baby anymore…”

And so I scoured Pinterest for bedroom ideas that would work for a not-quite-two-year-old and I really like the theory behind the Montessori bedrooms. I wasn’t sold on a mattress on the floor so we decided to build a bed! We bought our lumber and hardware at Home Depot and got to work.

“Grampy” and “Papa” did all of the bed build – after two days it was shaping up!

When it was time for paint it was my time to shine! I asked around at work and decided to go with Rustoleum Chalked Paint in Linen White so it would match her IKEA bookcase (previously purchased for her room in an off-white). 

Above shows the bed after one coat and then two coats. I used a brush to cut in all of the angles and corners before using a roller on the rest. Our daughter’s crib and dresser were white so I really liked that we weren’t changing things too much from her normal. The paint itself was amazing to use, rolled on great, and one can did the whole bed (AND the window my husband made to match) with some to spare!

Once we had everything ready, we recruited my parents to take Emmy for the night and we were officially free to clean, organize, and go shopping! We picked up a new closet organizer, baskets, area rug, a tonne of pillows, and a cloth bin as finishing touches on the decor she already had in her room. In lieu of a teepee which we reeeeally wanted to get for her, we found a little princess castle to use as a reading nook.

Et voilà! A bedroom fit for our special baby bird! When we surprised her, she was more excited about the reading nook than anything else, which was fine because we had showed her the bed a few times to prepare her for the change. We let her play for a while before having lunch and taking a break. We decided to test the new digs out during nap time in case it didn’t end up going well. After a few tears and some time spent with mama laying beside her on the floor, she fell asleep for a 1.5h nap! I snuck out while she was asleep with a plan to do things a little differently at bedtime.

Tonight, we stuck with our normal bedtime routine. Once she was all set for bed I had her climb in herself, at which point she asked me to lay down too (so cute). I told her I could stay for a minute and then she would go to sleep like a big girl! After staying for a minute and giving her a big kiss, I said goodnight and then took off. And guess what? Two hours later, as I write this, she is still sleeping soundly in her big girl bed.

How lucky am I?

Pillows from Bouclair

Area rug and closet organizer from Walmart

Bookcase and round rug from Ikea (bought in 2014)

Cloth toy bin from Home Sense

Princess castle from Toys R Us (similar to this one!)