Our First Dance | 31/08/13

I Won’t Let Go – Rascal Flatts
It’s like a storm

That cuts a path

It’s breaks your will

It feels like that
You think you’re lost

But your not lost on your own

You’re not alone
I will stand by you

I will help you through

When you’ve done all you can do

If you can’t cope

I will dry your eyes

I will fight your fight

I will hold you tight

And I won’t let go
It hurts my heart

To see you cry

I know it’s dark

This part of life

Oh it finds us all (finds us all)

And we’re too small

To stop the rain

Oh but when it rains
I will stand by you

I will help you through

When you’ve done all you can do

And you can’t cope

I will dry your eyes

I will fight your fight

I will hold you tight

And I won’t let you fall
Don’t be afraid to fall

I’m right here to catch you

I won’t let you down

It won’t get you down

You’re gonna make it

Yeah I know you can make it
‘Cause I will stand by you

I will help you through

When you’ve done all you can do

And you can’t cope

And I will dry your eyes

I will fight your fight

I will hold you tight

And I won’t let go

Oh I’m gonna hold you

And I won’t let go

Won’t let you go

No I won’t


Home Renovation: The Laundry Room

On a sunny day in July, shortly after I returned to work from maternity leave, my husband texted me the classic, “call me.”

Uh oh.

So I called, and he told me that he found some mould in our laundry room. Then he followed along the wall that housed his discovery, and that took him to the bathroom. And then our guest room.

Mould, everywhere.

And so this summer/fall consisted of an unplanned, impromptu home renovation of our entire downstairs level! We are absolutely in love with everything now but at the time it was a nightmare.


We had the laundry room painted a deep purple, and I think the laundry symbols wall decal is my favourite feature! We had a new laundry sink installed, and some more storage.

Stay tuned to see the rest!

Girls’ Day with Nana-Bird!

I had a girl’s day with my Mama (AKA Nana-bird)! We ran a few errands, followed by some shopping, lunch, and a secret project! :) It was perfect.


When we arrived downtown for lunch we were sure to toss a little bit of change into the #KindnessMeter! If you’re like me and you just don’t feel right giving change to those on the street, but you don’t feel right walking by, turning a blind eye, then this is the coolest solution! Money is collected in the repurposed parking meter and donated to shelters and community kitchens in the city!


I gorged on a huge and delicious lunch! If you haven’t been to Vault29 you’re missing out on a downtown gem.


We went for a walk around downtown (my Mama had never been to the ‘cute little area’ known as the tannery..) after lunch and then took the long way home!

Love you, Mama!

Simply Saturday – Garage Sale

Posting a day late but better late than never! This Saturday I unleashed my inner store-owner on my driveway as I organized and set up this garage sale with my Mom! We each had our own colour coordinated signs and price-stickers to keep things separate and it went off pretty well! I think we would have had more business if the weather had been nicer but it was a fun day nonetheless! And baby bird was quite the little sales lady! :)

Whatever we had left after the sale was over, we took to Value Village to donate! Never to soon to teach her to help others. 

Simply Saturday – ‘My Tweet Life’ & Why All the ‘Bird’ References

On June 24th, 2012, I wrote this.

That same year, I also got this tattoo –


Flash forward to present day and the bird references just keep on coming! I’ve got a baby that I call ‘baby bird’, her room decorated top to bottom with owls, and a blog/social media called ‘My [Tweet] Life’. I thought that I’d use this week’s Simply Saturday post to explain ‘My [Tweet] Life’ and why all the bird references!

Actually, it all began with my very first blog post which I wrote in 2010. I used birds as a metaphor for myself and my family, and to describe how I was feeling as I left home for the first time. As I moved through the first few years living with my [now] husband, and experienced our first separation as he served in Afghanistan for eight months in 2012, I continued to use the ‘bird metaphor’ as I wrote and recorded my experiences. I had two love birds tattooed on my ribs as a sort of tribute to our love, the pain furthering the metaphor [as it sometimes hurts to love a soldier]..

When we started saving money and slowly purchasing baby gear, we decided that owls [birds!] would be a nice, gender neutral theme to decorate our baby room! We found a high chair and playpen with brown and teal owls, and accumulated more and more things over time. And then the day she was born, they placed her on me, and wouldn’t you know that our little baby began pecking her way around my chest. Baby bird!

So that is how it all began, and why it continues to be. I sit at the computer, comfy in my little nest, and write about my birdy family for all the world to read. We hope to have a couple more baby birds, and I hope to have lots more to write about!

Thanks for reading, tweethearts! [ : ) ]

Simply Saturday: The Farmer’s Market


Today was a great day! Sure the baby was pretty fussy [taking bets on which will be the next tooth!], and I didn’t get to spend as much time outside as I would’ve liked, but it was still a great day! We were up with baby bird bright and early, & then headed off to the Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market! We made a few laps around, running in to quite a few friends and coworkers [Hi!] before deciding which booths to buy from! Kev grabbed a freshly-squeezed OJ to enjoy while we picked up bread and a baguette, lettuce, mixed greens, carrots, some sweets! After that we headed outside for brunch – Kevin had a spicy german sausage from Hans the German while I waited for my usual crêpe. We were tempted by [my fave] mini donuts!

While at the market, I also nabbed a few of my favourite [homemade bath bombs] – one of them will be the June30th [giveaway]!! Make sure you check back on June 30th to see how you can enter to win!