Valentine’s Day Prep

There are only five days until the big holiday – Valentine’s Day.


I know there are people who love celebrating Valentine’s Day – with their family, loved ones, kids..

But that’s just not me.

Kevin and I have rarely done anything beyond cards & flowers and even that seems a little routine by now. But I’ve noticed a lot of really great Valentine’s Day traditions/ideas online lately and it had me feeling a little guilty for not showing baby bird that there is more to this holiday than candy and flowers.

So today we did some crafts together and I picked her up an outfit just for her, for her daycare party. We filled out little valentines for her friends and she may or may not have enjoyed one heart-shaped lollipop.

I picked up gifts for her and her cousins (but I can’t post them yet!).
I’m planning to write her a little note on big pink heart to stick in her room too!