September Photo Challenge

With Fall quickly approaching I thought it was time for another Instagram photo challenge! I love seeing how everyone interprets the daily prompt, and I know I love having something to look forward to each day as it gets colder and closer to winter!

September and October are two of my favourite months of the year – I’m all about cozy, warm, and snuggly fall days! So save the image below, & join me on INSTAGRAM using the hashtags #mytweetlife and #septemberphotochallenge and I’ll share some of my favourites!

Happy September, everyone!




Command Centre for Less Than $20

One of my major plans for 2017 was to figure out some sort of family command centre to have in our home. I really needed to up my organization and have one spot we could go to for dates, appointments, work schedules, and meal plans. I also wanted it to look nice and compliment my decor.

Before I started, this wall had four permanent fixtures (light switch, AE controls, doorbell and AE vent) and one 8×10 photo/frame.

I knew I didn’t want to break the bank in case I didn’t like how it looked in the end, and I wanted all the pieces to fit in around each other. I picked up the calendar, pen cup and whiteboard at the dollar store, the big “B” at Michaels and that boat shelf used to belong to my mother and we refinished it!

I’d still like to add some sort of cork board in that empty little spot under the boat but I haven’t quite committed. Something about push pins within a toddler’s reach has me hesitating!

What do you like!? What would you change? Can you come up with your own family command centre for <$20.00?

Simple Self Care

Today is Tuesday and I work a twelve hour night shift tonight. My toddler is at day care and since we all slept pretty well last night I’m not overly tired and yet I realize I have to somehow stay awake all night.

So I decided a soak in the tub would be the perfect way to relax and do a little self care. I’ve been journaling and that’s been super helpful but sometimes you need to pamper yourself.

I started with an Arbonne Sea Mud face mask and Lush butter bear bath bomb (thanks SG!).

I also added a little essential (massage) oil and lavender sea salt for the spa smell.

Sometimes you need to take a little break from everyday life and do something that truly makes you happy. Soaking in a hot tub and blogging my afternoon away – I couldn’t think of a more perfect choice.


Mini Christmas Project & Hack

I was trying to find something that my almost-two-year-old baby bird would be interested in doing for Christmas that would stay within the confines of her teeny attention span – et voila!

I went to our local dollar store and picked up some scented markers and these cute wooden ornaments and we set about making the perfect addition to our Christmas gift wrapping.

As she finished colouring each ornament I wrote her name and date on the back.

Once we were finished, Papa set about cleaning up our mess and I set about trying to jam that sucky gold string through too tiny holes!

The hack?! An opened bobby pin did the trick for pushing the string through! I saved myself a couple temper tantrums this way!

We put a couple on our family tree and the rest I’m saving to stick on gifts for baby bird’s grandparents! Happy holidays!!

Swapping the Crib for a Toddler Bed

One day I looked down at my baby as she fought me on going to bed in her crib and I thought to myself, “maybe she isn’t really a baby anymore…”

And so I scoured Pinterest for bedroom ideas that would work for a not-quite-two-year-old and I really like the theory behind the Montessori bedrooms. I wasn’t sold on a mattress on the floor so we decided to build a bed! We bought our lumber and hardware at Home Depot and got to work.

“Grampy” and “Papa” did all of the bed build – after two days it was shaping up!

When it was time for paint it was my time to shine! I asked around at work and decided to go with Rustoleum Chalked Paint in Linen White so it would match her IKEA bookcase (previously purchased for her room in an off-white). 

Above shows the bed after one coat and then two coats. I used a brush to cut in all of the angles and corners before using a roller on the rest. Our daughter’s crib and dresser were white so I really liked that we weren’t changing things too much from her normal. The paint itself was amazing to use, rolled on great, and one can did the whole bed (AND the window my husband made to match) with some to spare!

Once we had everything ready, we recruited my parents to take Emmy for the night and we were officially free to clean, organize, and go shopping! We picked up a new closet organizer, baskets, area rug, a tonne of pillows, and a cloth bin as finishing touches on the decor she already had in her room. In lieu of a teepee which we reeeeally wanted to get for her, we found a little princess castle to use as a reading nook.

Et voilà! A bedroom fit for our special baby bird! When we surprised her, she was more excited about the reading nook than anything else, which was fine because we had showed her the bed a few times to prepare her for the change. We let her play for a while before having lunch and taking a break. We decided to test the new digs out during nap time in case it didn’t end up going well. After a few tears and some time spent with mama laying beside her on the floor, she fell asleep for a 1.5h nap! I snuck out while she was asleep with a plan to do things a little differently at bedtime.

Tonight, we stuck with our normal bedtime routine. Once she was all set for bed I had her climb in herself, at which point she asked me to lay down too (so cute). I told her I could stay for a minute and then she would go to sleep like a big girl! After staying for a minute and giving her a big kiss, I said goodnight and then took off. And guess what? Two hours later, as I write this, she is still sleeping soundly in her big girl bed.

How lucky am I?

Pillows from Bouclair

Area rug and closet organizer from Walmart

Bookcase and round rug from Ikea (bought in 2014)

Cloth toy bin from Home Sense

Princess castle from Toys R Us (similar to this one!)

Mama Bird Monday – Protecting The Nest

We have recently been having some renovations done in our home. One day, during the renovation, the plumber set off our smoke alarm multiple times. Because of this, hubby-bird took down the offending device only to discover it was running on smoke (pun intended!). We did a little research, and decided to splurge on Nest smoke and CO2 alarms for both levels of our house. I was already convinced once I heard what the company name was, but I told hubs that we could only buy them if he let me blog them!



They came packaged up like a brand new iPhone and we were pretty excited to slice open that plastic!


I stalled hubs mid-setup to snag this photo and he was not impressed. I must admit though, it was hard to interrupt the Nest’s crystal-clear feminine voice as it talked us through the install. Hubba hubba!



The alarms, which detect both smoke and carbon monoxide (they even have two different alarm sounds to differentiate the two!), are now installed and operational. My husband showed everyone who came over and I can’t blame him because they are pretty cool. The way that I look at it is, as long as my little nest is protected that’s all that matters!