Bumpdate – Twenty Weeks


I remember when I was pregnant with Emmy I was so stoked about being halfway to my due date..little did I know she wouldn’t come until after 41wks! This week I am just so thankful to have made it to this milestone, and looking forward to 23/24wks and little Chloe getting bigger in there!

Pregnancy Bumpdate – Week Seven

Want in on a little secret?

What you might think looks like a little bedhead in the last couple photos…well it actually is. Technically couchhead if you want to be accurate – I’ve been napping like crazy. I feel so exhausted!

This week was pretty good, our toddler was sick so that took a lot of focus and time. I’ve noticed I’m definitely feeling queasy at times and it’s quite exciting. I didn’t feel nauseous at all last pregnancy which in hindsight was probably a big clue.

We are dreading Papa leaving until June this week! Little bird definitely has no idea what’s happening but I do, and I am not impressed. It’s hard to complain because he hasn’t really had to be away for quite a while, I figure we are due by now!

I have lots of bloodwork booked, and an ultrasound a week from today. We also found out that my 20wk ultrasound is booked for Kev’s birthday in June!

Fingers crossed 🤞🏻

Pregnancy Bumpdate – Week Six

Six weeks along!

I find these early weeks are long and stressful this time around. I remember before Christmas, I was six weeks pregnant, and doing Christmas shopping at the mall. I bought myself a lotion from Bath & Body Works called ‘Sweet Pea’ just because that was how big the baby would’ve been. It’s bittersweet to be doing it all over again.

I have been having cramps which is pretty normal but makes me anxious. I feel worried even when I’m trying to be optimistic! Talking about due dates and delivery and maternity leave all seems like a big ‘if’ right now..

I’m super thankful for work right now – not only does it keep me busy (mentally & physically) for 12hrs at a time, but my job is amazing. 

Fingers crossed 🤞🏻