Pregnancy Bumpdate – Week Seven

Want in on a little secret?

What you might think looks like a little bedhead in the last couple photos…well it actually is. Technically couchhead if you want to be accurate – I’ve been napping like crazy. I feel so exhausted!

This week was pretty good, our toddler was sick so that took a lot of focus and time. I’ve noticed I’m definitely feeling queasy at times and it’s quite exciting. I didn’t feel nauseous at all last pregnancy which in hindsight was probably a big clue.

We are dreading Papa leaving until June this week! Little bird definitely has no idea what’s happening but I do, and I am not impressed. It’s hard to complain because he hasn’t really had to be away for quite a while, I figure we are due by now!

I have lots of bloodwork booked, and an ultrasound a week from today. We also found out that my 20wk ultrasound is booked for Kev’s birthday in June!

Fingers crossed 🀞🏻

Pregnancy Bumpdate – Week Six

Six weeks along!

I find these early weeks are long and stressful this time around. I remember before Christmas, I was six weeks pregnant, and doing Christmas shopping at the mall. I bought myself a lotion from Bath & Body Works called ‘Sweet Pea’ just because that was how big the baby would’ve been. It’s bittersweet to be doing it all over again.

I have been having cramps which is pretty normal but makes me anxious. I feel worried even when I’m trying to be optimistic! Talking about due dates and delivery and maternity leave all seems like a big ‘if’ right now..

I’m super thankful for work right now – not only does it keep me busy (mentally & physically) for 12hrs at a time, but my job is amazing. 

Fingers crossed 🀞🏻

Pregnancy Bumpdate – Week Five

Time to start these weekly updates again!

Kev & I found out on March 7th that we are expecting another baby! I had my  first prenatal appointment that same day and then some bloodwork the next. So far everything seems to be as it should be, and there is nothing I could/should do differently! I have an early ultrasound booked so we are keeping our fingers crossed!

Right now, we are just trying to stay thankful for this rainbow baby πŸŒˆπŸ’›

Our First Dance | 31/08/13

I Won’t Let Go – Rascal Flatts
It’s like a storm

That cuts a path

It’s breaks your will

It feels like that
You think you’re lost

But your not lost on your own

You’re not alone
I will stand by you

I will help you through

When you’ve done all you can do

If you can’t cope

I will dry your eyes

I will fight your fight

I will hold you tight

And I won’t let go
It hurts my heart

To see you cry

I know it’s dark

This part of life

Oh it finds us all (finds us all)

And we’re too small

To stop the rain

Oh but when it rains
I will stand by you

I will help you through

When you’ve done all you can do

And you can’t cope

I will dry your eyes

I will fight your fight

I will hold you tight

And I won’t let you fall
Don’t be afraid to fall

I’m right here to catch you

I won’t let you down

It won’t get you down

You’re gonna make it

Yeah I know you can make it
‘Cause I will stand by you

I will help you through

When you’ve done all you can do

And you can’t cope

And I will dry your eyes

I will fight your fight

I will hold you tight

And I won’t let go

Oh I’m gonna hold you

And I won’t let go

Won’t let you go

No I won’t

Valentine’s Day Prep

There are only five days until the big holiday – Valentine’s Day.


I know there are people who love celebrating Valentine’s Day – with their family, loved ones, kids..

But that’s just not me.

Kevin and I have rarely done anything beyond cards & flowers and even that seems a little routine by now. But I’ve noticed a lot of really great Valentine’s Day traditions/ideas online lately and it had me feeling a little guilty for not showing baby bird that there is more to this holiday than candy and flowers.

So today we did some crafts together and I picked her up an outfit just for her, for her daycare party. We filled out little valentines for her friends and she may or may not have enjoyed one heart-shaped lollipop.

I picked up gifts for her and her cousins (but I can’t post them yet!).
I’m planning to write her a little note on big pink heart to stick in her room too!

Command Centre for Less Than $20

One of my major plans for 2017 was to figure out some sort of family command centre to have in our home. I really needed to up my organization and have one spot we could go to for dates, appointments, work schedules, and meal plans. I also wanted it to look nice and compliment my decor.

Before I started, this wall had four permanent fixtures (light switch, AE controls, doorbell and AE vent) and one 8×10 photo/frame.

I knew I didn’t want to break the bank in case I didn’t like how it looked in the end, and I wanted all the pieces to fit in around each other. I picked up the calendar, pen cup and whiteboard at the dollar store, the big “B” at Michaels and that boat shelf used to belong to my mother and we refinished it!

I’d still like to add some sort of cork board in that empty little spot under the boat but I haven’t quite committed. Something about push pins within a toddler’s reach has me hesitating!

What do you like!? What would you change? Can you come up with your own family command centre for <$20.00?

Simple Self Care

Today is Tuesday and I work a twelve hour night shift tonight. My toddler is at day care and since we all slept pretty well last night I’m not overly tired and yet I realize I have to somehow stay awake all night.

So I decided a soak in the tub would be the perfect way to relax and do a little self care. I’ve been journaling and that’s been super helpful but sometimes you need to pamper yourself.

I started with an Arbonne Sea Mud face mask and Lush butter bear bath bomb (thanks SG!).

I also added a little essential (massage) oil and lavender sea salt for the spa smell.

Sometimes you need to take a little break from everyday life and do something that truly makes you happy. Soaking in a hot tub and blogging my afternoon away – I couldn’t think of a more perfect choice.